Sede da ORTC

Casa da Tia Ciata - ORTC (Remnants of Tia Ciata Cultural Organization)

The organization is made up of donations was founded in 2007 by descendants of Hilária Batista de Almeida (Reconcavo Baiano, 1854 - Rio de Janeiro, 1924) know as Aunt Ciata to preserve her memory and perpetuate her important legacy.

ORTC is a expression of the continuity of Ciata's enterpreneurial practice. Its work aims to disseminate and value the different aspects of afro descendants and its actors.

Action Lines:

* Memory and appreciation of Samba, recognition to those who gave and give an importante contribuition to samba;

* Memory of Aunt Ciata;

* Defense of citizenship, of racial equality and of religious freedom;

* Defense of women;

* Valorization of young artistic talents;

Education and workshops around the History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and the music in basic education;

For this the ORTC develops several cultural and educational projects divided into two big programs.

Our Identity

Multiplying Knowledge

ORTC's Mission

Promotion of the culture and conservation of the historical and artistic patrimony through the cultural activities directed to education, health, defense of women, desporto e environment.


Be a reference in the valorization work of the afro-descendant culture and its actors, and disseminating the history of the cultural roots of samba in Rio de Janeiro.